The AEP Workbook

We have written this workbook to help heighten the presence of our Aware Ego Process, AEP, in everyday life. This has been a labor of love to honor this process, and illustrate the fullness of this practice.

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"This book is exciting to us because it provides the reader with an amazingly wide range of exercises... [The authors] have done a great service to those of you who wish to deepen your work with this process." from the Preface by Hal Stone, Ph.D., and Sidra Stone, Ph. D.


"This Workbook is lucid and friendly-to-use as a result of the Authors’ long experience and deep comprehension of the AEP principles," Franca Errani, Director of the Italian Voice Dialogue Oriented Counseling School, and Teacher, University of Siena, Italy


"This is a fine book, concise and at the same time complete," Robert Stamboliev, ITP, The Netherlands


"For everyone who is using Voice Dialogue, this book is the answer. It offers many helpful suggestions for growth in the Journey of Consciousness," Father Bill Whittier, consultant for Addictions and AIDS around the world


"A detailed, knowledgeable book... Both beginning facilitators and experienced therapists will expand their skills by following these guidelines," Carolyn Conger, PhD, Seminar leader, USA


"The Workbook provides a clear overview, with practical steps for working with Inner Selves in a safe way," Dominik Schoenborn, Psychiatrist, Switzerland


"At last a Workbook for the AEP! For Zen practitioners this is a wonderful tool for exploring the shadow and the perfection of living," Abbot Tenshin Fletcher, Yokoji Zen Mountain Center, USA