- discover the assumptions you make that determine who you are now

           By meeting the forces/selves within you which currently regulate your              reactions/actions, perceptions/interpretations


- expand your ways of being
             By bringing into your awareness selves which have been suppressed by the ones you identify with now
    - build your capacity to optimize the way you live

By increasing your authority over the impact inner selves and external events have on you

        - enrich your personal, familial, professional and pubic relationships

By examining the intricate dynamics you are in habitually and guiding change in these

        - heal from what has caused you concern

                   By bringing vulnerability to light and honoring it        

        - tap into the deep wisdom of your dream

         By exploring the selves which they bring fourth

- gain resources to live life beyond your previous expectations

By clearly experiencing ancient selves which are connected with realms beyond our every day life

     Begin to navigate and dance with life from the fullness of your unique being